Monday, January 14, 2008

Second Life Charity--Lindens for Laudible Causes

Just wanted to pass along this gem of an article. Plastic people using plastic.

I am only kidding, this is really cool stuff.

I worked for 8 years doing corporate theater work. That is a genre of theatre in which you build sets etc for product release parties, company motivational get togethers, and often charities.

That being said, the average COST to the producer of said event is upwards of a minimum of 20,000 and often runs in the 100,000 or more range for JUST the entertainment. That does not include give aways, meals, speakers, etc.

Smart. VERY.

For essentially 9 dollars to have a more useful account, (the unpaid ones can't own land)you can create a place that creates revenue for your organization.

Colleges are also in on this. Annual giving campaigns are finding their way into Second Life. I would not be surprised if your fave college team doesn't soon have a shop to buy gear or even a "virtual" game in the near future. Maybe, just maybe, they might throw a fete on private land with donations as the entrance fee. Alumni, the sports teams, and the president of the university all there for you to meet and greet for 20,000 Linden. (Pocket Change in US dollars--current exchange is 265 lindens for 1 US dollar)

Second Life is even catering to the hipsters raising money for everything from Breast Cancer Research to Animal Rights.

I think it is positively brilliant considering the experience is so expensive in real world or RW as it is called.

Besides, after having sat through so many of these functions in RW, I would have given another 200 just to leave when I wanted to! The clothes kill me!

Either way, like the manifest destiny of the US towards the west coast, Second Life is driven by development into uncharted territory.

All I have to say is: SAVE FERRIS!

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