Sunday, June 29, 2008

Collaboration Station

So, my new task is to start incorporating Web 2.0 into Second Life.

I really love the google docs...lets see if we can make this work.

I also found an incredibly COOL Web 2.0 site that groups and organizes the different companies and free/some not tools available by tagging.

Go here:

It is all about creating things that can feed from these tools.

The other idea I recently had--feel free to use it--just give me credit--is to create a "visual" wiki. Items can be modified and changed in Second Life by others if you give permission. You could easily add text or other types of information into the objects. Or, better yet, imagine a house, Victorian, and you click on an architectural detail. A card gives you details about the details. Key words in the card bring up other cards and highlight portions of the house. A giant visual learning piece!

Ok, so that is a more complex idea, but I would imagine it could all work together. There were rumors of keywords being incorporated into SL--that coupled with their built in browser functions could mean Web 3.0 is coming to your neighborhood, real soon, y'all!

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