Saturday, June 21, 2008

They Might Be Giants: Blackboard, D2L, and Web 2.0

The last blog I put out was a warning that an LMS that did not incorporate Web 2.0 would soon find itself out of the market.

The above link shows that Blackboard is running with sissors in the direction of Facebook.

Ok guys, are you serious? Then again I have to think about another post recently quoting how many NetGens would leave their jobs if they were not allowed to use Facebook at work; perhaps Blackboard is onto something. Does this mean we will have Desire2Learn Myspace?

Other prominent directions I found on the BB site include a purchase of a company that handles SMS etc: Oh, look! They are covering the cell phone angle I mentioned in an earlier blog.
Desire2Learn are you going iPhone?

One might look at the above information and say that Blackboard "gets" education and no one else is doing what they do, right?

The truth is no one else has the money to do what Blackboard is doing or most likely they fear litigation. D2L will never be able to continue development if they are always in a struggle of Titans with Blackboard.

The above links are the latest press releases in that struggle. What I find almost touching (note the sarcasm) and very presumptive are statements that Blackboard will take care of D2L's customers if there is a service interuption due to their implied bankruptcy of Desire2Learn, or if Blackboard aquires D2L in some fantastical purchasing dream sequence.

I am thinking that D2L isn't much for selling, at least yet. See their blog concerning the trial and all its details:

Should I mention how creepy it is that Blackboard does NOT have anything so blatant for tracking the trial for their customers? It is a sort of Jedi Mind Trick. "These aren't the droids you are looking for."--thanks Obi Wan!

Essentially the above link is one of two community letters that BB has on their site. Almost like a giant swatting off of a bothersome gnat, they make a quick note to their customers to say nothing is wrong and you will believe us. At least they would have us believe that. I'd imagine they are quaking in their boots over the possibility of having their patent overturned.

Do I know which Titan will win?

Well, Zeus won that match for those of you who remember your mythology. No one wanted the Titans around after all the mess they made.

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