Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Welcome to the Holo Deck Captain.....

The URL posted above goes to a YouTube video that I very much enjoy watching.

If you work in the world of AV you can imagine how exciting something like this technology is. If you work with GPS technology, etc. even more so.

There are practical applications for the technology obviously, but one that I thought of almost immediately is holographic technology.
At Virginia Tech, my alma mater, there is a place called the CAVE. It is very much the first steps towards the infamous Holo Deck idea from Star Trek.

It involves tedious mapping and correlation to make the "holo tours" that they currently show, but imagine being able to take a software like Seadragon, feed in a few hundred real snapshots from all around the world to build an object that is projectable through a sort of fuzzy logic that the human brain uses.

I'm not saying it is going to be tomorrow, but the real and practical use of holographic technology will be in my lifetime--probably the latter part. Imagine Art History and being able to tour the cathedrals or visit the Parthenon; a meaningful "do" sort of experience that helps students not only witness but retain the lesson through deep learning.

The hardest part of my job is looking at each and every technology and trying to decide what will mean something in 5 or 10 years. What is going to last? Will the initial investment pay off?

The internet as we know it today was only text in 1993 for the most part. In 2023 we may see a virtual web that allows the user to move from site to site as an avatar to shop and "hold" objects, not just look at static pictures or Flash animations.

Social Networking is certainly taking us to heights unimagined in years past, not just in the amount of divorces, but in more productive uses. Imagine a think tank as large as the world in which everyone contributed to solve issues. A repository for world leaders to build better futures.

Imagine every computer in the US donating 10 percent of it's processing time to work on something for the betterment of society?

I think about these things quite a lot lately. We can do more. We should do more. What will you do?

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