Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Touch Me Nots

I promised an update. Here it is.
The iPad has been here at the university for a few months. I love the thing. It is like my iPhone but easier to type on and read.
Those of you who are miniature freaks will probably avoid the iPad, but it is easier to carry than my laptop for the running around, showing things, catalogue stuff, look that up kind of days I have.
Does it need a few things. Yeppers. A camera would be helpful. Not worried about the phone, but a sure enough front facing camera like the iPhone 4 would make my heart skip a beat. Skype on my iPhone rocks, but the video conferencing from the iPhone 4 on an iPad would make my job in education a BREEZE. No more web cam distribution and teaching of complex video programs for faculty. They have enough to do without trying to learn new software that takes 10 clicks to get anywhere.
Weirdly enough, I would probably give up my phone for an iPad with the iPhone4 features.
Most of my phone apps ported nicely into the iPad. The Kindle on the iPad is MUCH easier to read. Typing is a joy, and the whole thing is simple enough that my 4 year old can turn it on and navigate it without being nannied through the process. As predicted, my Dad who doesn't type is in love.

Now that the glowing mushy honeymoon stuff is over, these are the opportunities to excel in owning an iPad:
1. No Flash is hard to overcome. I agree that we shouldn't be required to own Flash, but the world isn't going to be Flashless right away.
2. A few programming bumps exist in some of the new Apps as programmers get the hang of it. My Netflix App will kill it in a heartbeat.
4. The high gloss screen is annoying in the sunlight and finger prints on your iPhone go a way with a wipe, but you need a screen cleaning cloth attached to the thing.
5. THAT is the case? Really? I could do that with cardboard for 4.95. My quilted Bible protector works better!

To say the least, none of those are deal breakers, just small complaints. I have seen the other side of the touch screen wars, and frankly will stay right where I am, with Apple.

I readily admit that I am not an 'open source angel' like many. I've seen what hackers can do. Droid is also not as smooth as the Apple's OS for mobile. The transitions are glitchy. Also, the amount of buttons you STILL need on the phones makes me grumpy. I tried to help a friend with a Blackberry the other day and thought I had stepped back into 1982. I am so used to the smooth operation of my phone I kind of forgot how much I thought I loved my HTC Mogul until I got my iPhone.

What makes me love my phone more than any I have had, easy, it works the way iWork.

Yes, I can use anything. I can even learn to use it well, but I hate being forced to work a certain way. I like my programs and gadgets to work like an extension of me. Self-centered? Maybe. But I like to think of Apple as human centric technology.

I am sure to get lots of disagreement from the other side of the fence, but I teach people technology. It takes five minutes to set up an iPhone and get oriented. It takes days for the others.

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