Tuesday, November 16, 2010

ePub to iPhone a 5 minute Thought

So I managed, yesterday, while using some good info from Tim Matheny from Apple, to make my first ePub for my iBooks app with Pages.

Sweet process really, and yet another prelude to why the publishing industry is changing.

I know that many of you are techies like me, but I had another life before this one, one in the arts. That life often makes me think about how what I do affects the industries around me that use print. Many of my Printing counter parts are getting laid off as companies dissappear that do ink press old fashioned books.

I do love the feel of a good book, but as prices soar on printed vs digital copies, I have to accept that I am part of that reason.

Apple has made it easy to be your own digital content specialist. You don't need a publishing house standing beside you to tell you your work is going to be the next big thing. You just need a place to make it, a place to put it for distribution, and a tweet or a FB post to alert those who might be interested where it is with a clever hashtag or social ad campaign.

Apple has the digital trend for multimedia creation and social networking mapped out and has given us the directions so to speak.

I wonder sometimes how the digital story telling in 140 characters or the longer video and audio pieces will change the collective conciousness of the world. Multiculturalism becomes a two second search. Even the Library of Congress is keeping our public tweets as some sort of time capsule.

Sounds silly to search tweets for history, right? Silly or not,our children may very well be citing tweets in their term papers in 2020.

I think about how twitter and FB will change APA and MLA and whatever current citation is the trend or norm. With Tagging and things like Creative Commons, it is possible today to build a program that tags all you publish and can also read the tags of others. Citation pages could, in theory, build themselves.

You laugh, but the technology is already out there, no one is leveraging it. If you do leverage it, tell them you found it here:)

Think of what 'cite as you write' could become? Imagine the freedom to talk about the connections and ideas with creativity instead of fear. I think that is the largest intellectual turn off for students, after all, the fear of plagiarism. What if all the research you used filtered into citations by tagging? What if simply # the source worked?

Either way, the ability to whip out my own short book with images, links, etc in about five minutes was revealing and heart stopping all at the same time. The world isn't the same and it is moving faster daily. Ms. Self from 8th grade probably wonders what her students are doing because they can't cite a source. I wonder sometimes at the University level what my students are doing that can't cite a source, for that matter.

I wonder sometimes if the method is important or if it is more important that they just note where they got it? That is a much longer discussion, isn't it?

Prelude to the next entry:
Are you ignoring mobile trends or portable devices in your industry or school? You should be reading anything you can get your hands on! The beauty of mobile and applications are focused shared pockets of learning and earning. More on the next post... meanwhile...go make something in Pages with ePub ok?

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